Sex positions

How to paly with the dolls?

The life-sized simulation doll is a kind of human model with a height similar to that of a real person. The dolls can move as a real person. As the limbs can move flexibly, they can also be used for photography with fixed poses.

Sex Positions Recommended

The main purpose of the love doll is to have sex simulation. Our dolls comes with an removable or fixed vagina. They are very heavy, so it’s necessary to give her the correct posture. Since the doll is not a real woman so you have to take time for “running in” to find the most comfortable positions.

Sexual play with the doll will need a lot lubricants. Water-based sexual lubricants is recommended.

An inserted vagina is removable for easy cleaning since it can be taken out. The vagina is resilient material, it can fit 15-20cm. The oral hole deeotg is 12cm and the oral hole deepth can reach 14~20cm.

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