Dressing Guide

How to dress up?

Be careful

Apply powder

Keep her skin smooth

Fitness of the clothing

Don't be too tight
Points for dressing


The limbs of the silicone doll can move, but there is certain limit to the scope of movement. When dressing the model, to protect its tpe skin, please pay attention to the following points.

1. Use bath powder, talc or baby powder for preventing stickiness

The TPE surface is rather sticky. One should brush bath powder or talcum powder on it before dressing the doll.

2. Prevent the limbs from bending too much

When dressing the doll, please don’t twist its arms too high which may causes skin ruptures. Please follow the safe angle instructions in The Physical Activity Scope strictly for operations.

3. Take off the head before dress for her

When putting on a coat or parts of the clothes, if the clothes are too tight or it is inconvenient to dress the doll, it is necessary that one should take off the doll’s head before dressing her.

4. Apply powder on the doll before putting on tight pants

If it is too tight to dress the doll with trousers or socks, please smear bath powder or talcum powder on the legs and try again.

5. Be careful of scratches

Please don’t make the doll wear clothing or accessories with sharp edges which may cut the skin. If the clothing has ornaments such as sharp buttons or chains, etc., be careful to dress the doll with it.

6. Ear-piercing or navel piercing

When making the doll wear earrings and other accessories, one can use thin iron wire or needle to prick holes in the TPE, but the diameter of the holes cannot be beyond 0.5mm and knives and other sharp objects cannot be used to cut. After earrings are put on, they cannot be pulled and torn to prevent skin ruptures.

7.Fitness of the clothing

Please don’t dress the doll with too tight clothing and long-time squeezing will cause deformation or ruptures of the skin. If the clothing cannot fit in, please don’t try forcibly and some of the clothing must be special clothing for dolls.

8.Prevent coloration

Some clothes are made of dyed artificial leather or other oil-stained leather materials whose color may seep into the inside of the skin after long-term contact and the color of the doll’s skin will change.

Please don’t dress the doll with this kind of clothes for a long time to prevent its coloring.

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