The next best thing to a real woman.


Those ridiculous blowup dolls that you may recall being used as zany props at college parties are getting a major facelift, thanks to Japanese sex toy company, Orient Industry.

Orient Industry makes some of the most lifelike sex dolls money can buy, called Love Dolls, which they say are “works of art.” Indeed they are, which is why the dolls are currently displayed in the Vanilla Art Gallery in Tokyo this week, so you can see for yourself just how lifelike and artful these babies are.

And the best part is, you can customize your very own Love Doll to keep your penis company and make all your weird fantasies come true – for just one small payment of $10,000.

Her name is Uni.

Orient Industry

Next, you get to choose your favorite out of ten different faces for your new lady friend, and pick out her hairstyle, including how much or how little hair you want her to have. You like long, thick hair? You got it, my friend. Prefer a bald chick? That’s cool too. You can also give your Love Doll itty bitty A-cup titties, big, buxom DD’s, or any size in between. It’s literally your dream girl, but inanimate!

And this is Real Love Doll Lexenjoy White Skin. But she won’t mind if you don’t use her full name.

You can also opt for your Love Doll to have bendable fingers, making her capable of more complex poses, perfect for any time you crave a stationary handjob or want her to flip you off as you argue with her over why she refuses to communicate with you.

As a bonus feature, Orient Industry decided that you should have the honor of being able to milk your Love Doll. Yes, you read that correctly. You can literally milk your Love Doll by twiddling its nipples and squeezing its boobs as it stares blankly into the void. Watch the video below and join me in nervous laughter.

The company says the dolls aren’t just marketed towards people who want to fulfill some sort of lifelong Barbie fetish, but for lonely people and widowers, too. Because the cold, detached embrace of plastic and silicone is always very comforting.

Get yours today!

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